Individual Contributors

Design and implement your Personal Learning Path, collaborate with new colleagues, and create a learning portfolio that demonstrates your skills.

Learning Teams

Enroll as a team and work with your colleagues to create meaningful learning assets.

Training Managers

Create a blended learning strategy that supports the business and your learners.

Design Your Personal Learning Path

Master modern learning tech and design treatments while keeping ahead of trends. Individual contributors, teams, and training managers all benefit.



Different Learning Levels

Looking for an overview of blended learning topics? Want to interact with learning peers? Have a need to create a portfolio of learning assets? Choose the learning level that is right for you.

Monthly Learning Campaigns

Each month, we introduce a new learning campaign on a topic critical to modern learning professionals.

Curation Roadmaps

Each four-week campaign is guided by a roadmap that includes curated microlearning opportunities, live workshops, facilitated makerspaces, and an Asset Learning Challenge. Choose the participation level that is right for you.

Practice Areas

Each formal learning campaign is four weeks in duration; beginning on the first Monday of the month. Going well beyond the basics of the topic, we explore multiple practice areas relevant to learning, including:

  • Design treatments and techniques
  • Development tools and learning technologies
  • Skillsets for modern learning professionals
  • Influencing mindsets and impacting the learning culture
  • The business of learning
  • The future of learning

Connected Content

Ever wonder how to gamify a virtual classroom? Or how to implement microlearning in a social/collaborative way? The Hub “connects the dots” between topics that have traditionally been taught in a stand-alone silo so you can easily see how they can work together.

Collaborators and Creators receive a set of tools for each topic which provide a means to explore and manage the way effective practices are being observed and implemented within blended learning design, development, and delivery solutions.

Learning Campaign

The Hub is designed around four-week learning campaigns. We call them “campaigns” because, more and more frequently, the term 'blended learning' isn't descriptive enough. Especially when we consider that learning takes place perpetually – even when the training department isn't looking!

A learning campaign extends the learning beyond formal events by considering learning that takes place outside of a formal blended curriculum.