Current Learning Campaign

Developing Skills: Blended Learning Instructional Design
Start Date: March 6, 2017

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Each month, the Blended Learning Hub tackles a new topic like microlearning, gamification, or social/collaborative design. And, we connect each topic so you know how they relate to one another; enabling you to quickly make the correct design choices.

Each formal learning campaign is four weeks in duration; beginning on the first Monday of the month. Going well beyond the basics of the topic, we explore multiple practice areas relevant to learning, including:

  • Design treatments and techniques
  • Development tools and learning technologies
  • Skillsets for modern learning professionals
  • Influencing mindsets and impacting the learning culture
  • The business of learning
  • The future of learning

Developing Skills: Blended Learning Instructional Design
Start Date: March 6, 2017

Learning Objectives

After collaborating in the Hub this month, you will be able to:

  • Define instructional design from a modern blended perspective.
  • Determine what options exist for blended instructional design.
  • Distinguish between blended learning tools and approaches.
  • Explain the importance of designing a balanced blend.
  • Advocate for a thoughtful blended instructional design strategy.
  • Evaluate an existing course of instruction and recommend a blended solution.

Upcoming Learning Campaigns

Each campaign begins on the first Monday of the month, and is four weeks long. At the end of the campaign, all curated and contributed content will continue to be available in our learning archives.

  • April
    Influencing Mindsets: The Modern Learner
  • May
    Exploring Approaches & Treatments: Microlearning
  • June
    Immersive Learning: Simulations, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality
  • July
    Maximizing Toolsets: Connecting with Learners Using Video and Audio
  • August
    Connecting with Purpose: Global Learning and Virtual Teams
  • September
    Learning Together: Virtual Collaboration Month

Mark Your Calendars

October 4, 2017 – Our first Perpetual Learning Conference will explore the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets required for modern blended learning design.

This virtual conference will engage industry experts with community members, and be supported by a wide variety of microlearning assets! Check this space for more details.