Relevant Modern Learning Designed for Learning Professionals

The Blended Learning Hub is a cohesive learning experience which immerses you in the topic; teaching by example.

Membership allows you to learn from experts and other community members, contribute your own insights and expertise, collaborate with peers on real-work projects, receive personalized feedback and guidance on your specific projects, and create valuable learning assets and experiences that support your audience in its moments of learning need.

Perpetual Learning

A Modern Philosophy

The Blended Learning Hub is built on the philosophy of "perpetual learning". Perpetual learning takes into consideration that everything we do, in every waking moment, is, or can be, an opportunity to learn. It is an approach to professional development that believes every moment provides an opportunity to learn something new. Each action we take in our day-to-day routine, whether conscious or unconscious, introduces a new idea or reinforces an existing skill.

But it is STILL LEARNING. All the time. Perpetually.

To stay relevant, we need to think beyond the 'formal learning' box, and consider this crucial characteristic of our learners. We need to find ways to encourage, support, and anticipate perpetual learning in the content, interaction, and assessment areas we manage.

And we need to put what we learn into meaningful context. Create connections. Connect the dots between concepts.

The Blended Learning Hub facilitates these connections between concepts important to training, learning and education professionals, and provides a model for creating these experiences in their own learning designs.

Curated Learning

A Collaborative Approach

Curation is not just about selecting and displaying information: it is about preserving and caring for the information that you share. Preservation and care within the modern learning landscape comes about through thoughtful storage, archiving, and cataloging of curated content. In a community context, this curation applies not just to what the experience designer identifies as critical. It applies to what community members contribute, as well.

In the Blended Learning Hub, every piece of content, including content contributed by community members, is curated and put into the context of the larger monthly learning campaign.

As you progress through your own personal learning path, you’ll discover that your voice is contributing to future learning campaigns, helping to connect the dots and shape future conversations.

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