Design Your Personal Learning Path

What do you need to learn today? This month? This year? And what level of mastery do you hope to achieve?

The Blended Learning Hub is a curated community of learners with a dedicated focus for each learning campaign. Different than other membership-based communities, the Hub provides a deep-dive each month into topics of immediate interest to learning professionals, and provides opportunities to collaborate and practice with community members in workshops and makerspaces under the guidance of the Hub Curator.

Membership allows you to learn from experts and other community members, contribute your own insights and expertise, collaborate with peers on real-work projects, receive personalized feedback and guidance on your specific projects, and create valuable learning assets and experiences that support your audience in its moments of learning need.

The chart below explains what content is included in each learning level.

Group Discounts

Group Discounts: If you are interested in enrolling a team of 5 or more, contact for available options.

Immediately access all learning assets from our current campaign, and previous campaigns by purchasing a Creator account for $599. 12 month membership begins on the day of purchase.

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Blended Learning Intro
Dictionary of Learning Terms
Blogs: Curated & Original
Monthly BYTE Session links

Learning Content

Curated Resources and Articles
Mind/Body Connection
Modern Learning on the Air Podcasts
Videos: Curated & Original
Infographics: Original
Job Aids
eLearning Interactives Course

Interactive & Collaborative

Social Media: Curated & Original
Discussion Forums
Modern Learning Lab
Learning Conversation Cards
Effective Practice Deep Dive
Modern Learning Makerspace
Mastery Workshop

Business Cases & Research

Case Studies (coming soon)
Curated Research
Original Research (coming soon)
Research Tools (coming soon)

Assessment Tools

Effective Practice Scorecard
Self Awareness (coming soon)
Assessment Research (coming soon)

Continuing Education

Annual Conference $ $ (discounted)