An innovative makerspace designed especially for learning and development professionals

In the collaborative spirit of the modern classroom, the Hub provides a unique perpetual learning experience through:

  • Monthly learning campaigns focused on a critical blended learning topic, like blended learning instructional design or gamification
  • Personal learning pathways that allow you to reach the level of mastery you need for your own personal development
  • Expert guidance and support from Blended Learning Hub Curator, Phylise Banner
  • Subject Matter Expert hosted live online learning events, aligned to the monthly learning campaign topic
  • An engaging community designed to promote and support social collaborative learning among peers
  • Exclusive resources and purposefully curated content from trusted resources

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Master modern learning technologies and design treatments while keeping ahead of trends. Individual contributors, teams, and training managers can all benefit from membership.

Modern Blended Learning

Immerse Yourself

The Hub is a cohesive learning experience which immerses you in the topic; teaching by example. Learn, contribute to conversations, collaborate on real work projects, and create learning that you can deliver to your audience.

Connect the Dots

Design Your Personal
Learning Path

Each month, the Hub tackles a new topic like microlearning or social/collaborative design. And, we connect each topic so you know how they relate to one another; enabling you to quickly make the correct design choices with your own projects.